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Free Average Response Time Calculator

What's Average Response Time, and how do you calculate it?

Average Response Time (ART) is a metric that measures the average amount of time it takes for sellers to respond to customer inquiries, such as questions about products or orders, on an online marketplace platform. A faster ART can improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of a sale.

ART can be calculated by tracking the time between when a customer inquiry is received and when the seller responds. This metric can be tracked for individual sellers or for the marketplace platform as a whole.

Online marketplaces can improve ART by implementing policies that require sellers to respond to customer inquiries within a certain timeframe, such as 24 hours or less. They can also provide tools and resources to help sellers manage and respond to customer inquiries more efficiently, such as automated responses or customer service templates.

By monitoring ART, online marketplaces can identify areas where sellers may be struggling to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner and implement strategies to improve response times. This can improve customer satisfaction, increase the likelihood of a sale, and ultimately improve the overall performance of the marketplace platform.

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